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  • Diploma of Business - (2127279) - 2023

    Looking for a pathway to a Bachelor degree in business, information technology or tourism? The one-year Diploma of Business gives you the opportunity to develop academic and business skills in...

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney
    Study mode: Online, On-campus

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Laws - (3207007) - 2023

    Examining the criminal mind is a fascinating and revealing journey. In this double degree, you’ll experience the mindsets of criminals, the perspectives of victims and the motivations of people...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Online
    Study mode: Online, On-campus

  • Bachelor of Business Administration - (3001145) - 2023

    Behind every successful business is sound leadership. In today’s fast-paced business world, our Bachelor of Business Administration gives you the management skills to harness the people,...

    Location: China - TUST
    Study mode: On-campus

  • Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine - (1209240) - 2023

    Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is an established component of Australian healthcare. It is also a rapidly growing industry, currently worth more than A$4.7 billion in Australia, and...

    Study mode: Online

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science - (3007312) - 2023

    Are you fascinated by how our bodies function, what keeps us healthy and what causes disease? Or maybe why are humans so different, yet also so much the same? The Bachelor of Biomedical Science...

    Location: Gold Coast
    Study mode: On-campus

  • Master of Engineering Management, Master of Business Administration - (1229100) - 2023

    Leading a large infrastructure project takes a huge amount of skill and expertise in both business and engineering disciplines — from understanding the financials, to managing staff and...

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
    Study mode: On-campus

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science - (3007244) - 2023

    How do we think and learn? How do we control our movements and behaviour? What makes us tick? Exploration of the human mind and behaviour is a fascinating field and this degree is an equally...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Online
    Study mode: Online, On-campus

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours - (3507030) - 2023

    The Bachelor of Science with Honours is a challenging and rewarding year of full-time (or part-time equivalent) directed study, which is offered to those students who demonstrate a meritorious...

    Location: Gold Coast, Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online
    Study mode: Online, On-campus

  • Bachelor of Community Welfare - (3007268) - 2023

    The Bachelor of Community Welfare provides you with the theoretical and practical foundations for work in the human services sector. You will gain skills in case management, community development,...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online
    Study mode: Online, On-campus

  • Master of Business Administration - (MBA) online - (1208100) - 2023 View online course

    With a online Master of Business Administration, you’ll develop both the business know-how and the practical skills to advance your career or build your own business. You’ll examine...

    Study mode: Online