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  • PBHL5003 - Creating Person Centred Organisational Change - 2021

    Person centred leadership focuses on a strong ethical foundation arising from a synthesis of relevant theory, policy and practice. Models of leadership will be assessed for their alignment with...

    Location: Online

  • PBHL6004 - Appraising Evidence - 2021

    Introduces students to an evidence-based approach to health practice. Students will explore key research methodologies and designs. They will frame relevant structured questions, search...

    Location: Online

  • PROJ6003 - Leading and Managing Projects - 2021

    Examination of effective management of human capital, and leadership as determinants of project success. Students explore theories and practices of contemporary leadership and management....

    Location: Online

  • BUSN1006 - Solving Wicked Problems - 2021

    Introduces students to real-world problem solving in business, management and technology contexts. Through teaching-directed activities students will first learn the skills needed for effective...

    Location: Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • BUSN1004 - Starting a Business - 2021

    This unit covers the fundamentals of starting a business from scratch, building and sustaining that business, and continually renewing and refreshing the business.  

    Location: Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • DATA5001 - Data Management - 2021

    Provides students with an overall understanding of database concepts and theory. Students will learn the steps required to design and build databases and the key elements required to manage and...

    Location: Online

  • ECON5002 - Economics and Quantitative Analysis - Online - 2021

    Focuses on aspects of microeconomics and macroeconomics of most relevance to managers. The main themes are the market system and what it can accomplish; limitations and failures of markets;...

    Location: Online

  • PROJ5002 - Project Management Principles - 2021

    Analysis of foundational concepts of project management and evaluation of current trends in project management practice and research. Students participate in structured learning activities and...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC6012 - Evaluation for Improved Teaching and Learning - 2021

    Provides students with the skills to identify and utilise data to improve educational performance (staff, student or whole school performance). Students evaluate traditional and alternate...

    Location: Online

  • PBHL5008 - Social and Emotional Competence in the Workplace - 2021

    Extends students’ theoretical knowledge and social and emotional skills to improve communication, teamwork and client safety. Students learn mindfulness and reflection to understand self and...

    Location: Online