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  • CIVL1006 - Civil Construction Planning and Compliance - 2021

    Introduces students to basic aspects of site management in the civil construction industry, including operational planning, compliance systems, and quality management systems.

    Location: Online

  • CIVL1007 - Construction Materials - Concrete - 2021

    Introduces the fundamentals of concrete technology and its use in civil construction. Students learn the basic chemical and physical properties of concrete, how to modify these properties to...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • CIVL1012 - Introduction to Computer Aided Design and Drafting - 2021

    Introduces students to basic computer aided design (CAD) processes. Students will learn how to use industry-standard two-dimensional CAD software to create engineering drawings to communicate...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • CIVL2010 - Hydraulic Engineering Fundamentals - 2021

    Introduces the subject of fluid mechanics as it applies to water in civil engineering applications. Students will learn basic principles of fluid mechanics including fluid properties, effects of...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • CMM81002 - Diabetes Self-management Education Theory and Practice - 2020

    Examines the principles of a person-centred care approach and its application to all areas of diabetes management.  Introduces communication strategies to motivate and support key diabetes...

    Location: Online

  • CMM83001 - Food as Medicine - 2020

    Explores the links between food and health, and how food can play an important role in contemporary medicine. Students will understand the nutritional composition of food. They learn about diet...

    Location: Online

  • CMM91010 - Healthcare Professional Portfolio A - 2020

    Provides support for students seeking to develop a professional portfolio that provides tangible evidence of a high level of professional learning and practice achieved against established...

    Location: Online

  • COMM1004 - A Culture of Enquiry - 2021

    The unit develops students’ understanding of the university culture of scholarship whilst developing their critical thinking and information literacy skills.  Students will explore the nature...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • COMM1005 - A Culture of Dialogue - 2021

    The unit explores the conventions of written academic communication. Students will develop an understanding of, and skills to meet, the academic community's communication expectations. The unit...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • COMP6005 - Managing Digital Enterprise - Online - 2021

    Focuses on managerial issues related to digital enterprises: benefits and opportunities as supported and enabled by internet technologies and modern information technology applications;...

    Location: Online