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  • TCHR3008 - Professional Experience II: Effective Teaching - 2021

    Provides students with the opportunity to build on knowledge and skills developed in Professional Experience I through further classroom teaching experience as well as through the development of...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • TCHR3005 - Casual Teaching - 2021

    Prepares future teachers to participate effectively as casual teachers in a variety of educational settings with a diverse range of students. A portfolio of resources will be developed.

    Location: Online

  • DSGN1002 - Design and Technology: Essential Technologies - 2021

    Focuses on the development of knowledge and understanding of the Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies subjects of the Australian Curriculum up to Years 7 & 8.  The New South Wales...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC5010 - Curriculum, Assessment and Technology - 2021

    Provides a student-focused strategy aimed at developing curriculum and assessment design skills that positively impact on learning and teaching. In addition to an investigation of the various...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC5009 - Curriculum Specialisation Performing Arts I - 2021

    Provides students with the methodological basis for teaching Dance or Drama in secondary schools. It provides students with a foundation of the knowledge and skills required to teach Years 7 to...

    Not available in 2021

  • EDUC6001 - Critical Literature Review - 2021

    This unit facilitates the development of a literature review to identify and explore a specific research problem. Students are mentored in skills and understanding including literature searching...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC5008 - Curriculum Specialisation: Visual Arts I - 2021

    Introduces students to visual arts teaching in secondary education. Students learn about syllabus requirements, the development of a unit of work, the development of detailed lesson plans and...

    Not available in 2021

  • EDUC5007 - Curriculum Specialisation - Music I - 2021

    Provides students with the methodological basis for teaching music in secondary schools. It provides students with a foundation of knowledge and skills required to teach the non-elective and...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC5006 - Valuing Diversity - 2021

    Increases students' awareness, knowledge and experience in understanding the diverse learning needs in educational settings. Explores issues related to working and teaching in various contexts,...

    Location: Online

  • EDUC5005 - Leading Professional Learning - 2021

    Introduces students to the concept of the professional learning community and the research literature on successful elements of professional learning. Explores appraisal and performance...

    Location: Online