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  • SSC93002 - Computer Forensics - 2020

    Provides students with digital forensic and professional investigative processes using advanced cybersecurity knowledge. Students will learn about tools and techniques for gathering evidence,...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • BIO03098 - Marine Systems Science and Management - 2020

    Examines processes and issues, and integrates principles of natural science and legislation as they relate to the global marine environment. Covers the complex coupling and feedback mechanisms...

    Not available in 2020

  • BIO03097 - Marine Communities as Sentinels of Change - 2020

    Critically evaluates patterns and processes in a range of marine communities and applies this knowledge to concepts of marine management. Develops advanced understanding of ecological structure...

    Not available in 2020

  • BIO03096 - Ocean Change Biology - 2020

    Examines local and ocean climate systems and the way humans are altering the global climate, the impact that this may have on individual organisms and ecosystems, and the capacity for organisms...

    Location: National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online

  • SSC93001 - Advanced Cybersecurity - 2020

    Provides students with advanced vendor-neutral cybersecurity knowledge for complex systems like Internet of Things (IoT). Students will learn about assessing, planning for and controlling cyber...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • GLY00201 - Earth Systems I: The Lithosphere - 2020

    Introduces students to basic fundamentals in geology and geomorphology, with a focus on the outer shell of the Earth. The unit outlines the composition, structure and dynamic nature of the...

    Location: Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online

  • MNG00785 - Project Management - 2020

    Develops students' understanding of the principles of project management from a managerial perspective in an organisational setting and to develop skills to plan and manage projects with teams....

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Melbourne - The Hotel School, Online, Perth, Sydney, Sydney - The Hotel School

  • SCI10473 - Histology and Embryology - 2020

    Provides foundations of human embryological development, with emphasis on tissue origin and its differentiation to various support tissues and organ systems. Histology as the cellular basis of...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • LAW72018 - Performances and Power in Literature and the Law - 2020

    Introduces the concept of performance and its articulation in the legal, literary and linguistic spheres, and the realm of the performing arts. Students will be introduced to types of...

    Not available in 2020

  • SCI20001 - Physical Sciences in Health - 2020

    Introduces students to the basic physical sciences that are applicable to podiatric practice.

    Not available in 2020