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  • PHY10760 - Physics and Materials - 2020

    Introduces the basic concepts of mechanics (Newton’s Laws) and conservation laws, waves and optics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and atomic structure and material properties.

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • BIO01204 - Wetland Ecosystems - 2020

    Provides an understanding of the structure and function of freshwater aquatic ecosystems and emphasises the need for their careful management. The importance of water as the medium for abiotic...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • MWF30003 - Transition to Registered Midwife - 2020

    Integrates and utilises the knowledge, concepts and skills developed over the entire sequence of undergraduate study. Students are required to demonstrate their ability to practice at the level...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast

  • OST03332 - Osteopathic Studies X - 2020

    Further enhances the skill base in osteopathic diagnosis and technique towards mastery at the level required of entry to independent practice.

    Location: Lismore

  • BIO00105 - Fisheries Biology - 2020

    Examines the biology and ecology of marine and freshwater fish and invertebrate species important to commercial and recreational fisheries, emphasising the Australian scene. Introduces the...

    Location: Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online

  • PDT10001 - Introduction to Podiatry and Pedorthics - 2020

    Introduces students to the Podiatry and Pedorthics professions, including the history, development, roles and responsibilities of each profession in the context of the healthcare system....

    Location: Gold Coast

  • BUS00211 - The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment - 2020

    Introduces students to the games, the people and the places associated with modern gambling. A problem-based learning approach is then used to teach students how to create a gaming room floor...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • PHA30001 - Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists - 2020

    Presents advanced pharmacology and its relationship to podiatric disorders. Students learn about the requirements to become an endorsed prescriber with the Podiatry Board of Australia, using...

    Location: Online

  • PDT30003 - Lower Limb Medicine II - 2020

    Builds upon student learning from Lower Limb Medicine I. Introduces students to the disease processes and pathology behind advanced foot and ankle conditions. Introduces students to concepts of...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • MNG93002 - Strategy and Case Analysis - 2020

    Provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage the strategy process and to engage in strategic thinking in order to assure the long-term success of an organisation in highly...

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney