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  • ECO00202 - Ecological and Environmental Economics for Sustainable Development - 2020

    Explores the nature of economics as relevant to sustainable development. This involves learning from the trappings of historical economic paradigms and engaging with economic instruments/methods...

    Location: Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online

  • BIO00202 - Ecology - 2020

    Examines the principles and concepts of plant and animal interactions with the abiotic and biotic environment. Consideration is given to the individual, population, community and ecosystem...

    Location: Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online

  • BIO00203 - Exercise Physiology - 2020

    Examines the physiological responses of the body to various exercise stresses and the adaptations which occur within the body as a result of repeated exposure to these stresses.

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore

  • BIO01204 - Wetland Ecosystems - 2020

    Provides an understanding of the structure and function of freshwater aquatic ecosystems and emphasises the need for their careful management. The importance of water as the medium for abiotic...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • CYS03347 - Improving Practice through Program Evaluation - 2020

    Provides an understanding of theory, issues and contemporary practice of program evaluation across a range of organisational sectors and community contexts. The purpose and value of evaluation are...

    Not available in 2020

  • POL00013 - Global Social Movements - 2020

    Explores notions of power and ethics, which underpin political action and social movements, providing an opportunity to examine the dynamics that create social change. Contemporary social...

    Not available in 2020

  • PDT20005 - Principles and Practice of Pedorthics I - 2020

    Introduces Pedorthic treatment options for clients with foot health or performance issues and introduces comprehensive alterations to various prefabricated footwear, including sports footwear...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • EDU01308 - Indigenous Australians in Education - 2020

    Presents Indigenous voices in the critical analyses of past and current colonial education practices in Australia, in terms of their relationship to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous education...

    Location: Online

  • PDT30004 - Foot and Ankle Surgery - 2020

    Introduces students to the concepts of foot and ankle surgery in the podiatry profession. Surgical treatment modalities are introduced including minor nail and skin procedures. The theory of...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • PHA30001 - Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists - 2020

    Presents advanced pharmacology and its relationship to podiatric disorders. Students learn about the requirements to become an endorsed prescriber with the Podiatry Board of Australia, using...

    Location: Online