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  • EDUC1004 - Understanding Children and Young People - 2021

    Focuses on students acquiring an understanding of how different theoretical positions inform understandings of the development and learning of children and young people. The primary aim of this...

    Location: Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • ARTD1006 - Sculpture and Spatial Practice - 2021

    Continuing to challenge the students in a range of leading contemporary art practices and methods, this unit promotes the Sculpture and Spatial Practice approach to conceptual and material...

    Location: Lismore

  • INDG1001 - Indigenous World-Views - 2021

    Increases awareness of Aboriginal and other Indigenous peoples’ beliefs, understandings, histories, ways of living and social commitments whilst raising understanding of matters relevant to a...

    Location: Online

  • FORS2003 - Forest Operations - 2021

    Introduces students to project management skills and forest operations. These include road construction, runoff and erosion control, bridge design, forest management and harvesting operations,...

    Not available in 2021

  • DATA2001 - Database Systems - 2021

    Provides the student with an overall understanding of database concepts and theory. Students will learn how to design and build a database, from data analysis to mapping a specific database...

    Location: China - Guangxi UST, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Papua New Guinea - IBSU Port Moresby, Perth, Sydney

  • ARTD1005 - Printmaking Fundamentals - 2021

    Investigating the technical foundations of Printmaking, this unit considers the role of printing as an historically rich artistic form in relation to other art forms and as a contemporary medium...

    Location: Lismore

  • PROG2007 - Programming II - 2021

    Continues with the principles of object-oriented programming using a standard programming language and an intermediate development environment. This unit works with more extensive structures of...

    Location: China - Guangxi UST, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Papua New Guinea - IBSU Port Moresby, Perth, Sydney

  • ENVR2003 - Ecological Economics for Sustainable Development - 2021

    Explores the nature of economics as relevant to sustainable development. This involves learning from the trappings of historical economic paradigms and engaging with economic instruments/methods...

    Not available in 2021

  • HOTL6010 - Revenue and Analytics - 2021

    Explores strategic revenue and yield maximisation in the hotel industry through the application of revenue and big data analytics, technology enablers, and business intelligence to drive...

    Not available in 2021

  • REHB3002 - Accountability and Clinical Reasoning - 2021

    Strengthens students' knowledge of accountability issues for health professional practice and expands discipline-specific and inter-professional clinical reasoning. 

    Location: Gold Coast