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  • EDUC2017 - Storytelling - 2021

    Storytelling has an important and powerful role to play in the 21st century. Many different mediums and disciplines use storytelling to convey ideas, meaning and beliefs. This unit explores...

    Location: Online

  • HBIO2003 - Functional Kinesiology of the Upper Limbs and Trunk - 2021

    Focuses on concepts of biomechanics and kinesiology applied to situations that have specific implications for occupational therapy practice and intervention in activities of daily living and the...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast

  • EDUC7004 - Research Ready: Doctor of Education Research Proposal & Ethics - 2021

    Focuses on preparing for the Confirmation of Candidature (CoC) seminar and proposal which is a significant milestone in the EdD. It also focuses on issues such as the ethical conduct of...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • ISY10221 - Computing Project I: Analysis and Design - 2020

    Requires students to undertake planning and control for software projects and perform software analysis and design for clients. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate and apply their...

    Not available in 2020

  • SWRK3007 - Social Work Placement IIb - 2021

    Part 2 of two units comprising the final social work placement. Engages students in 500 hours (across Social Work Placement IIa and IIb) of supervised social work practice in a human service...

    Not available in 2021

  • HBIO1003 - Systemic Anatomy - 2021

    Examines cellular and tissue organisation, the integument, osteology, arthrology, myology, the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore

  • HBIO2008 - Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Head and Neck - 2021

    Extends student knowledge regarding structures and mechanisms integral to speech production, (particularly respiration, phonation, articulation and resonance), speech reception (hearing and...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • PODR2009 - Foot and Ankle Surgery - 2021

    Introduces students to the concepts of foot and ankle surgery in the podiatry profession. Surgical treatment modalities are introduced including minor nail and skin procedures. The theory of...

    Location: Gold Coast

  • CSC93003 - Programming Mobile and Cloud Systems - 2020

    Provides students with both the theoretical and practical skills to respond to rapidly changing mobile and cloud application development. Students will be able to design, develop and test a...

    Not available in 2020

  • PDT30002 - Lower Limb Medicine I - 2020

    Introduces students to lower limb medicine and the pathology behind common foot and ankle conditions. Introduces students to disease processes and pathology.

    Location: Gold Coast