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  • TOUR2002 - The Cruise Business - 2022

    This unit provides students with a comprehensive view and understanding of operational and managerial aspects of the cruise ship business. Regulation, marketing, human resources, safety &...

    Not available in 2022

  • OCCU2001 - Mobility and Personal Care Occupations - 2022

    Examines the impact of occupational performance limitations on mobility and personal care (eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, etc.) due to physical, cognitive and psychosocial...

    Not available in 2022

  • TOUR5001 - Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues - 2022

    Provides insight into global issues which challenge hotel and tourism development in the 21st century. Adopts a student-focused strategy aimed at students developing an understanding of the...

    Not available in 2022

  • PSYC4002 - Advanced Topics in Professional Psychology - 2022

    Introduce students to advanced concepts and skills related to professional roles in psychology in both the clinical and research domains, as well as those that may apply in a wide range of...

    Not available in 2022

  • TOUR2007 - Tourism in Pacific Asia - 2022

    Provides students an overview of tourism activity and development in the Pacific Asia region. Students are provided with the opportunity to critically examine significant current issues, such as...

    Not available in 2022

  • WRIT3002 - Introduction to Editing and Publishing - 2022

    Develops student skills in and understanding of publishing and editing, and knowledge of related historical, ethical and legal issues. Students will be introduced to print- and screen-based...

    Not available in 2022

  • UNIP1007 - Scientific and Quantitative Concepts for University Study - 2022

    Introduces students to the three core disciplines in science: chemistry, physics, and biology. Students analyse and solve science-based problems using scientific and quantitative concepts.

    Not available in 2022

  • UNIP1006 - Academic Literacies - 2022

    Introduces students to the culture of academic enquiry. The skills developed in this unit focus on self management and critical thinking, academic reading, writing, and academic integrity.

    Not available in 2022

  • NUTR1001 - Food and Nutrition in Health - 2022

    Provides an introduction to the food and nutritional sciences. The unit examines the role of key nutrients and the connections between diet and physical activity in health. Further, it...

    Not available in 2022

  • LAWS6008 - Competition Law - 2022

    Provides students with an opportunity to gain a strong understanding of the operation of the competition law provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the economic theory...

    Not available in 2022