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  • ACCT3003 - Business Analytics and Big Data - 2022

    Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use business analytics to support decision making in the context of ‘big data’ as a strategic resource. As a...

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney

  • ACCT6002 - Managerial Accounting - 2022

    Introduces the role of the management accountant, emphasising how management accountants support executive decision making in a global business context. By engaging in teacher directed...

    Location: Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney

  • TOUR2009 - Production Management for Conventions and Events - 2022

    Enables students to apply event project planning and management techniques to conventions and events. In particular, students will be introduced to various aspects of the event management...

    Not available in 2022

  • UNIP1003 - Applying Quantitative Concepts - 2022

    Focuses on introducing students to skills and concepts that will build a strong foundation in mathematics and develop confidence for undergraduate study. It will provide opportunities to apply...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • TOUR2014 - Managing the Visitor Economy - 2022

    Examines the dynamics of the visitor economy from governance, policy and stakeholder perspectives. Students will develop an industry standard portfolio for a destination of their choice.

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • TOUR2005 - Aviation Management - 2022

    Applies core managerial, operational and regulatory concepts to the broader aviation sector, including commercial aviation, military aviation, general aviation, intermodal transport networks,...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • TOUR2008 - Event Operations - 2022

    Introduces students to the technical and creative processes of event operations. A problem based learning approach is used to teach students how to assess an event operations plan.

    Location: Gold Coast, Online

  • UNIP1005 - Issues and Enquiry in Arts and Business - 2022

    Explores the nature of issues and are introduced to the critical enquiry methods required in the context of Arts and Business Studies. Students will learn how to write a report and communicate...

    Location: Online

  • UNIP1002 - Communicating at University - 2022

    Introduces students to the culture of academic enquiry and the conventions of written communication at university. The skills developed in this unit focus on critical thinking and analysis,...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore, Online

  • TOUR2012 - Transport for Sustainability - 2022

    Critically assesses the role of transportation in sustainable development. The complex relations between different transport alternatives and key aspects of society, economy and environment are...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online