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  • PHY10760 - Physics and Materials - 2020

    Introduces the basic concepts of mechanics (Newton’s Laws) and conservation laws, waves and optics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and atomic structure and material properties.

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • CYS03343 - Promoting Children's Protection and Participation - 2020

    Focuses on the cultural, historical and contemporary contexts of child protection and how they underpin the legislative, policy and practice frameworks that aim to promote and protect children...

    Not available in 2020

  • MWF30004 - Midwifery Internship - 2020

    Consolidates learning and applies accumulated theoretical knowledge and skills to a selected area of midwifery practice. The unit provides an opportunity to enhance and deepen the student's...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast

  • BIO01302 - Human Anatomy - 2020

    Examines the cellular and tissue organisation of the human body, the integument, osteology, arthrology, myology, the nervous system and special sensory organs, and the endocrine, cardiovascular,...

    Location: Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore

  • DES10642 - Textiles and Society - 2020

    Focuses on the cultural and historical perspectives of textiles and the influence of these on current fashion trends and contemporary designers. The development of the textile industry across...

    Location: Online

  • BIO03076 - Protected Area Management - 2020

    Examines issues relating to the management of visitors, Indigenous and cultural heritage of terrestrial and marine environments. Special emphasis is placed on Australian and local (Northern NSW)...

    Location: Lismore, Online

  • PDT10001 - Introduction to Podiatry and Pedorthics - 2020

    Introduces students to the Podiatry and Pedorthics professions, including the history, development, roles and responsibilities of each profession in the context of the healthcare system....

    Location: Gold Coast

  • EDU01021 - Curriculum Specialisation: Personal Development, Health, Physical Education I - 2020

    Introduces students to a range of pedagogical models for teaching, learning and assessment for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) teaching in secondary education....

    Location: Online

  • EDU01145 - Curriculum Specialisation: Mathematics I - 2020

    Considers specific strategies for best mathematics teaching, practice, including lesson planning, assessment and use of technologies using the recommendations of recent national enquiries into...

    Location: Online

  • BUS00211 - The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment - 2020

    Introduces students to the games, the people and the places associated with modern gambling. A problem-based learning approach is then used to teach students how to create a gaming room floor...

    Location: Gold Coast, Online