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  • ACCT6002 - Managerial Accounting - 2022

    Introduces the role of the management accountant, emphasising how management accountants support executive decision making in a global business context. By engaging in teacher directed...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT3003 - Business Analytics and Big Data - 2022

    Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use business analytics to support decision making in the context of ‘big data’ as a strategic resource. As a...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT5004 - Business Accounting for Managers - Online - 2022

    Introduces students to knowledge of accounting processes, from recording transactions in journals and ledgers to preparing financial statements; enhances students ability to apply their...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT2006 - Papua New Guinea Taxation - 2022

    Introduces the law and practice of taxation in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the inter-relationship between different taxes. The main emphasis is on income tax as it applies to individuals,...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT6005 - Taxation Law and Practice - 2022

    Introduces the law and practice of taxation in Australia and the inter-relationship between these taxes. Taxes levied on different entity types by the Commonwealth and the States will be...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT1002 - Financial Accounting - 2022

    Provides an introduction to accounting systems and processes with a focus on recording routine business transactions, the preparation of financial statements and the use of accounting...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT3001 - Advanced Taxation - 2022

    Extends knowledge of taxation to different business entities including companies, partnerships, trusts, superannuation funds, and special taxpayers and the method and impact of taxation on each...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT5002 - Accounting for Managers - 2022

    This unit introduces students to the fundamentals of financial and management accounting viewed from the perspective of the business manager. The focus is on critical evaluation of accounting...

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT2003 - Management Accounting - 2022

    Provides an introduction to management accounting, teaching students about costing and budgeting to assist with business decision-making.

    Not available in 2022

  • ACCT2005 - Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management - 2022

    Develops students' understanding of the use of financial and operating information in planning, control, evaluation and decision making in hotels. The focus is management accounting and...

    Not available in 2022